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The Value of Correct AC Installation

Living in San Diego has its perks, and the weather is often one of them. But on those particularly warm days, it’s a home’s air conditioning that truly stands out. At Oasis Heating & Air Conditioning, we appreciate the unique cooling needs of San Diego residents. Whether you’re considering a central AC system or the sleek ductless models, here’s why getting the installation just right is crucial:

  • Maximized Efficiency & Savings: With a professionally installed AC system, homeowners can enjoy maximum efficiency. You get to sit back, stay cool, and not worry about those soaring energy bills.
  • Prolonged System Life: A well-installed AC isn’t just about immediate comfort. It’s a long-term investment. Minimize the hassles of constant repairs or premature replacements.
  • Top-notch Indoor Air Quality: A well-tuned AC does more than cool your home. Expect controlled humidity, superior air filtration, and an environment free from common allergens. It’s peace of mind, especially for households with kids or seniors.
  • Safety First: With us, rest assured of a safe installation process, minimizing the chance of future issues.
Modern AC Features: More Than Just Cooling
  • Smart Thermostats: Today’s AC systems, when paired with smart thermostats, give homeowners the ability to adjust settings remotely. It’s comfort at your fingertips.
  • Zoning Capabilities: Fine-tune your cooling needs. Zone out specific areas in your home, optimizing energy use and comfort.
  • Eco-Friendly Choices: Join the green revolution with newer AC systems equipped with environmentally friendly refrigerants. Lessen your carbon footprint while enjoying a cooler home.
Why Oasis Heating & Air Conditioning is the Talk of San Marcos

The soaring temperatures of late aren’t just about stats and records; they’re about everyday comfort. We’re on a mission: ensuring as many homeowners in San Marcos and surrounding areas can seamlessly shift from the intense outdoor heat to a soothing and comfortable indoor environment.

When you partner with Oasis Heating & Air Conditioning, you get:

  • Expertise in both central and ductless AC installations
  • High-quality workmanship from our team of seasoned professionals
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden surprises
  • Flexible finance options tailored for every budget
  • Free installation estimates
  • Same day & weekend service availability
Sealing the Oasis Promise

For us, installing your AC is merely chapter one. Ensuring it runs like a dream day in, day out is the whole story. We invite you to explore our complete AC maintenance programs, handcrafted for Southern California’s distinct climate. Trust in Oasis Heating & Air Conditioning. For every AC installation, we bring our wholehearted dedication to help your home stay comfortable year-round.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your HVAC System

Age: Like any mechanical system, it will fail overtime.

High Energy Bills: Older models are less efficient & will lose efficiency as they get older.

Frequent Repairs: Repairs aren’t uncommon, but if they are required often, the system is likely at the end of its lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the installation process typically take?

Most installations are completed within a day, so you’ll be cooling off in no time!

What preparations are needed before the installation?

All we ask is for a clear installation area and easy access. We handle the rest.

Is financing available for AC installations?

Absolutely! We offer flexible financing options tailored to fit most budgets.

How do I know if I should go for a central or ductless AC?

Our experts will assess your home and recommend the best option based on your cooling needs and preferences.

Trusted HVAC & Plumbing Excellence in San Marcos: Experience the Oasis Advantage

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Providing top-tier HVAC & plumbing services is our standard. With warranties that exceed the usual industry standards for both equipment and labor, our utmost priority is to ensure your complete satisfaction with every project.

Experienced & Knowledgeable

Boasting over three decades in the HVAC & plumbing fields, our team delivers unparalleled expertise to every task. Our commitment to ongoing training and learning guarantees state-of-the-art solutions and premier service for all your home comfort needs.

Fair, Upfront Pricing

Marrying excellent AC, heating & plumbing expertise with clear, upfront pricing is our pledge. You can anticipate competitive rates without any unexpected costs or hidden charges, and our install and replacement estimates will always be free!


We firmly believe that everyone deserves optimal indoor comfort, regardless of budget constraints. Explore our flexible financing options to ensure home comfort without the financial stress.

Above and Beyond Factor

Our dedication to excellence is not just about systems and solutions. It is about the relationships we build. Every interaction, big or small, is valued. We strive to ensure that everyone—whether a loyal customer or a first-time inquirer—feels the depth of dedication and expertise our team brings.

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    Don’t Listen to Us.
    Listen to Our Past Clients.

    Vinny B
    Vinny B
    Can't say enough good about this company. They worked with me on price and they offered a labor warranty much longer than the other companies. They are masters at the craft to as they addressed all the old issues I had with the system that was replaced. The new system is working great. They replaced both my heater and air conditioner and did it all in a day. Appreciated the follow up to see how everything is going as well. Get a quote from Oasis for any hvac project. I'm glad I did.
    Paloma Santiago
    Paloma Santiago
    This review is long overdue but I have had time to enjoy our new ac and heater that Oasis heating and air conditioning installed a few months ago. We saw one of their ads on Facebook and requested someone to contact us. We contacted a few companies from ads we saw. Oasis immediately stuck out to us because the gentleman who came showed us their license card when we came to the door. None of the other companies did that so it was different but it was also reassuring since we knew we were making a big investment in our home. One of the issues with our previous system was the poor air flow in our master bedroom. Michael was the only one to recommend increasing the vent to help. Instead of just giving us a quote really quick we could tell he listened to what we talked about and was really trying to fix the issues we had with the old system. They weren’t the lowest bid although close but they were nowhere close to the highest either. Overall we felt most comfortable with Oasis. The install was completed in two days and we have used our ac on many occasions since and weak airflow is fixed. I also tested out the furnace the other morning for the first time too. We are thankful to have found this company and have recommended them to a few other friends and family.
    Beata Zabnicka
    Beata Zabnicka
    Response time is great and very professional!
    Armando Acuna
    Armando Acuna
    Oasis was able to come out for an estimate the same day that I found them on Google. The guy who came out was here longer than some of the other companies sales people and he explained that they try to do as thorough of an inspection as possible when providing an estimate. He went into the attic to check out my old system while some others didn’t. Given the amount of time he dedicated just for a free estimate I was expecting the price to be high. It was quite the opposite and more competitive than most. It wasn’t the lowest but they quoted me the brand I mentioned and most of all I felt confident they would do good work given the effort they put into the estimate. The install was schedule and completed a few days later and everything is working perfectly. The house cools really quick and the system very quiet. I recommended them to a friend already and am glad I found them.
    K G
    K G
    I have been needing to upgrade my home air conditioning system for the past few years and have been putting it off. Instead of doing a repair this year I decided to get a whole new system. I interviewed several companies and decided on Oasis. I was somewhat nervous since they are a new company but that quickly went away. They communicated well, finished the job on time and showed me how to use the thermostat. Also they tested the system afterward while they cleaned up to make sure everything worked. I’m happy I gave them the chance. :)
    michael hurtado
    michael hurtado
    I found Oasis when looking up someone to replace my AC. They were able to give me an estimate that same day and then install everything even that same week. Everything is working perfectly. Appreciate them being so fast so I could stay cool during the heat wave.
    Josh Sotelo
    Josh Sotelo
    Got in touch with oasis when my ac unit suddenly went out. They showed up within a few hours and fixed the issue. Unit is still working and price was reasonable. Give them a call if you need help.